Here’s a little bit about me, Rebecca, the Founder of Fun! Let me tell you the story behind The Pop Up Crèche Company. I have 10 years’ experience working in the childcare industry and am level 3 qualified. Most recently I managed a reputable crèche at a private golf and country club as well as nannying and being a mother’s help to many of the parents there. It was there I was often asked to work at weddings and various functions and parents were always encouraging me to step out on my own – I began to get excited about the opportunities to provide excellent care for children – and that leads us to The Pop Up Crèche Company!

I have put my heart and soul into The Pop Up Crèche Company. I understand what parents would like and need and I then find the balance between parents’ and children’s wants and needs – which is mostly to have bags of fun, whilst feeling safe and secure. I have always had a natural flare with children. I am a very nurturing and super-fun person. I have younger siblings and there is a rather large age gap between us so from the age of 11 I was accustomed to all things baby! My siblings describe me as being their second Mum and to this day we have the most incredible bond. Even my 19-year-old brother will still cuddle me and tell me he loves me, although I’m not sure how long that will last! I have found childcare to be hugely rewarding. I can get down on their level and I know how to quickly adapt to their needs and understand what they are trying to express. Watching them develop and grow with a smile on their face is the ultimate gratification for me.